Insignificant Specs of Dust

by coffin dodger

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Coffin Dodger was a project that practiced once, recorded 3 songs, practiced again & played one show. Some burnt CDs were made for that one show.


released July 1, 2006

John - Drums / Jon - Guitar / Dave - Bass
recorded by Shane Hochstetler @ Headache Haus in Waukesha, WI in October of 2005.



all rights reserved


coffin dodger Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Leachiest
exhaustion sets in & i just want to go to sleep for awhile or maybe forever, but right now i just need some space. you are the leachiest of leaches, a total disgrace and in this crowded basement you are a fucking waste of space. you're not punk, you're fucking pathetic. steal from the hand that feeds. you're not punk, you're fucking pathetic. draining the blood of the scene.
Track Name: Beauty
bright lights dead eyes. take it back body bags. i can't be saved. through your dead eyes. i can't be saved. bright lights... beauty marks turned to scars. i can't be saved. bright lights... you're dead now.
Track Name: Dust
your day sucked, well so did mine & now se wants to fight. most of us have shitty days most days of our lives. you're nothing special. don't waste your breath. complaining is overrated. cardiac arrest. were all insignificant specs of dust in time.